There are few places that yield the rich coffee experience like the high mountain farms in Peru, so our Nic Ellis took a journey from the ocean to the coffee fields and back to the coffee factories to hunt for the best beans last year.  It’s all about sourcing premium coffee.

There’s a huge coffee harvest in March and April, each year and when Nic visited, the harvest was already in so he could follow the path of great coffee from the Andes (watch out for altitude sickness) down into the processing plants where bean profile, color, size, and defects are determined. It’s not only Nic’s journey, but also represents the journey your rich coffee takes on the way to your table where you enjoy gourmet flavor because of the bean pics Public Market Coffee makes.

So we thought you’d enjoy the photos below.  Click any image to view a slide show.

Quest for premium coffee… through the mountain mud roads.

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