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Public Market Green Coffee

Our premium, ready to roast, high mountain coffee from the high mountains of Peru are organic certified in Peru (USDA) + certified at our holding facility in Auburn/Seattle. It’s also grown by small producers who take extra good care to only offer the finest beans.

PMC Green Beans from Proud Peruvian Farmers Our gourmet PMC coffee green beans is sourced from proud high mountain Peruvian Farmers.

PMC green beans
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Select your size for premium, gourmet Peruvian bags of green beans. Our beans will roast up well for a memorable and rich cup of coffee for your customers.

We found these top quality beans by hunting at 18,000 feet across the Peruvian Andes. Then we met with the high mountain farmers who specialize in shade grown coffee of the finest calibre at an average elevation of 4300 feet. With its high altitudes, fertile soil and semi-dry climate, the Junin, Peru area is perfect for growing high quality coffee beans.

Did you know there’s a laser beam sorter that picks out the best beans and pushes others into a bin for lower grades of coffee? We do. That’s what we do behind the scenes and it represents not only the art of coffee making, but also the philosophy behind Public Market Coffee itself. Premium beans. Quality coffee. A rich pleasing flavor that is almost — almost — addictive. That’s what you’re after. That’s what we’re after.

Learn more about how coffee beans are graded in our article here.

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